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1. Short [19381 words]Entertaining Angels by Patty Howell [Romance]
2. Short [14585 words]Chance for A Merry Christmas by Judith Leigh [Romance]
3. Short [12975 words]The Snowflake Ball by Amy Blizzard [Romance]
4. Short [13149 words]A Christmas Flame by Amber Dawn Bell [Romance]
5. Short [21430 words]A New Tradition by Leanne Burroughs [Historical Fiction/Romance]
6. Long [65213 words]Hot Cocoa For the Heart by Leanne Burroughs & Amber Dawn Bell & Polly McCrillis [Romance]
7. Short [17240 words]In Time For Christmas by Cheryl Alldredge [Historical Fiction/Romance]
8. Long [72586 words]Always...Only You by Leanne Burroughs [Historical Fiction/Romance]
9. Long [63698 words]All I Want for Christmas Is You by Cynthia Breeding & Gerri Bowen & Annette Louise [Romance/Suspense/Thriller]
10. Short [7266 words]Bare Feet and Cherry Pie by Cissy Hassell [Romance]
  1. Long [78432 words]Moon of the Falling Leaves by Diane Davis White [Historical Fiction/Romance]
2. Long [101434 words]Cave of Terror by Amber Dawn Bell [Young Adult/Romance]
3. Long [78319 words]Rebel Heart by Jannine Corti Petska [Romance/Historical Fiction]
4. Long [76629 words]Operation: L.O.V.E. by Anne Elizabeth & Tara Nina & C. H. Admirand [Romance]
5. Very Long [230789 words]Rape of the Soul by Dawn Thompson [Horror/Suspense/Thriller]
6. Long [100092 words]The Sense of Honor by Ashley Kath-Bilsky [Historical Fiction/Romance]
7. Long [97891 words]Almost Guilty by Isabel Mere [Romance/Mystery/Crime]
8. Long [90647 words]Holiday in the Heart by Deborah MacGillivray & Leanne Burroughs & Michele Ann Young [Romance/Historical Fiction]
9. Long [60671 words]On The Wild Side by Gerri Bowen [Romance/Historical Fiction]
10. Long [61555 words]Holiday Op by Lori Avocato & Anne Elizabeth & Tara Nina [Romance]
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Project Mendel
The seizure stopped. Hoisting Sadie into his arms, Jackson stumbled to the bathroom. He laid her limp form onto the cold tile. The dog nipped the bottom of his pant leg, growling. "Get off, King!" Turning on the shower, lukewarm, like his mother had done a thousand times for him in his eighteen years, he eased Sadie into the tub. "How do you do this, Mom?" he whispered. "Living with the fear all the time? I'm never having kids." King growled low in his throat. He sniffed at Jackson and his... more info>>
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Rape of the Soul
The house seemed to beckon her. Welcome her. As if it knew her. The light had faded, and dark, bilious clouds had taken its place. In the three short weeks I'd spent in Cornwall, I'd learned two things: that the weather was not to be trusted, and that the wind never ceased to blow. Fair weather or foul, it whistled and murmured and moaned, like a living, breathing, tortured being. It had risen since it played innocently among the foxglove blooms earlier stirring the mists along the graveyard gat... more info>>
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Rebel Heart
She traveled West to marry the man she loves--instead found the man of her dreams. In 1873, New York City heiress Courtney Danning shuns privilege and position to follow her heart to the fledgling community of Santa Fe. Widowed the same day she's wed, Courtney soon discovers her husband wasn't the only man awaiting her arrival. The stranger's indifference makes New Mexico's summer even hotter, but what she keeps hidden might be the key to the life she's always dreamed about. He was hired to guar... more info>>
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Recipe for Love
Through the ages, sage advice has been handed down from mother-to-daughter that the way to win a man's heart is through his stomach. Fifteen talented authors set out to prove Mama knows best by cooking up a storm--fifteen stories guaranteed to teach you the Recipe for Love. Participating Authors: Deborah MacGillivray, Leanne Burroughs, Kristi Ahlers, Amy Blizzard, Gerri Bowen, Billie Warren Chai, Bobbi Dumas, Anne Elizabeth, Victoria Houseman, Jill & Julia, Jaquelin Lorin, Michelle McGinnis, M.J... more info>>
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Romance On Route 66
Passing through eight states and stretching from Chicago to Los Angeles, Route 66 was once the main artery for westbound travelers. The highway inspired a hit song, a television series, and the Pixar animated movie, Cars. No longer part of the U.S. highway system, most of Route 66 is gone, leaving a few stretches of 'Historic Route 66' and local festivals to commemorate its place in American pop culture. The spirit of Route 66 lives on in Romance on Route 66 as authors Judith Leigh and Cheryl No... more info>>
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Romance Upon A Midnight Clear
Holidays bring magical memories and open the heart to all things bright and beautiful ... especially romance. There's no season like it ... no better time to find Romance Upon A Midnight Clear. Deborah MacGillivray, Leanne Burroughs, Patty Howell, Rebecca Andrews, Isabel Mere, Amber Dawn Bell, Erin E.M. Hatton and Jill and Julia offer up eight tales of romance designed to please every taste.
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Saving Tampa
For as long as she could remember, Rachel Cunningham feared and hated her psychic ability. When a strange man accidentally touches her, she sees the death of thousands. Rachel knows the FBI won't believe her, but she has to try. Lives are at stake. Special Agent Arrons dismisses her information as a publicity stunt, yet his conscience nags him. When Rachel identifies an Al Qaida cell leader, Arrons puts his career at risk and issues an alert. Together they race against time to prevent a terroris... more info>>
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Second Time Around
Love's more comfortable the second time around. Just as wonderful with both feet on the ground ... Winds of Destiny--Sitting alone in a bar on her fortieth birthday wasn't something Katherine Armand had ever planned. With her marriage over, better to pay attention to her career. A big-shot developer was flying into her sleepy, coastal fishing village to discuss building a resort. Katherine was a top-notch negotiator for her law firm. Anderson was eager for the land. This should be as smooth as s... more info>>
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They challenged the town and each other with their forbidden affair. Belinda Rose is two people. On stage, she's a confident vocalist who entertains her audiences. Alone, she longs for a secure home and her own opera house where she can entertain or book others to perform. She carries with her the painful memories of her past, but won't be denied her future. Can her love for a handsome businessman derail her plans? Cole MacPherson has become a wealthy entrepreneur in spite of his loveless childh... more info>>
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Southern Fried Trouble
Adultery, divorce, murder.why did Deecey Hannaford let her twin brother, Ace, embroil her yet again in his off-again/on-again private investigator business? As an aspiring actress, she couldn't keep placing herself at risk in his ridiculous capers. Their father, a Florida state senator, was driving them both nuts.Ace trying to win his approval, Deecey trying to break away from his manipulative tactics. Throw in handsome Deputy Troy Whitfield.can Troy and Deecey's relationship last-or will events... more info>>
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Static Resistance and Rose
Master Electrician Rose Norris is wiring a new hotel on a Florida beach when a lethal, high voltage accident takes her down. Her friend Jimmy revives her with CPR, but she quickly discovers his friendship might be deadlier than the accident-which wasn't an accident at all. Jimmy's dark secret has brought gangsters from Miami seeking retribution for his transgressions in their world. Rose's friendship with Jimmy forces her to play their game, but the mobsters find that tough, resourceful Rose doe... more info>>
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The Barefoot Queen
Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures Following in the footsteps of her pirate great-grandmother, Grace O'Malley takes matters into her own hands, risking her love--her life. Owen O'Donnell views the 'Deer Stalker' as a Robin Hood to the starving villagers. Only, Lord Rushmount has vowed to stop the poacher one way or another. As suspicions grow, Owen fears he won't be able to keep Grace from harm's way. Grace knows the perils facing them all, but cannot pull back in this most dangerous ga... more info>>
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The Crystal Heart
Emmeline, the wife to a powerful guild master, needs to provide her aging husband with an heir. Forced to make harsh decisions, she pays her servant to go out and to pay a man for a night of 'service' that will leave her with the child she needs to give her husband. She knows nothing about the nameless man who takes up her offer. For coin, he will give her what she needs. However, instead of paying the man and them parting with little thought to what happened, she gets a night of passion that ha... more info>>
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The Necklace
Then as silence settled around them, he cradled her head in one large hand and slanted his mouth over hers. She inhaled sharply, drawing in his warmth as their breath mingled before she stopped breathing altogether when his firm lips caressed her mouth. It was shocking and exhilarating. The garden slipped sideways and slid away until there was nothing except in the world but his arms. Her legs nearly folded beneath her as the heat from his chest burned through her dress. Every bone in her body ... more info>>
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The Sense of Honor
"What would you do to protect the people you love?" CHRISTIANA TATUM will do anything. But when a handsome stranger comes to Bellewyck Abbey looking into guarded secrets of the past, she finds herself not only trapped in a web of deception, but falling in love with a man who could destroy everything she has struggled to save. DEVLIN GRAYSON, the 'Duke of Pemberton', learns the estate he's inherited is in ruins. Even worse, Bellewyck's ward is missing. Certain of treachery, Devlin probes into the... more info>>
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The Snowflake Ball
A Short Story - The Snowflake Ball by Amy Blizzard is a real tear jerker! This is the story of Chloe and Woody, an ER Doctor without any Christmas spirit and a Fireman that lives to celebrate and spread Christmas cheer. Chloe sees Christmas as the day of her brother's death, and doesn't really acknowledge the holiday. It's not until she meets Woody in the ER, turns him down for a date, and has to be Mrs. Santa to his Santa at a Christmas party for sick children that sees how wonderful of a man... more info>>
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The Wine Seekers
A shattered dream, a guarded family secret, and forbidden love take Nicola Romolo on a perilous quest to reclaim his family's fortune. Before dying, Nicola's father reveals a long held family secret. But Nicola's dream of claiming their family's wealth is shattered when his secret love affair with his boss' daughter is discovered. After losing his job, Nicola moves to Naples, Italy where he accidentally kills the local Don's brother-in-law. With his future at stake, he must find the truth about ... more info>>
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The Zero Day Event
What does he know? A terrible accident seemingly changes Damien Stroud's world forever. Yet his sponsors would do anything, anything to get him to continue his work... Can he end the War on Terror? Because the US President is desperate to end terrorism on American soil. But as Stroud lies injured... Or will he destroy what he's trying to save? As questions arise about his "accident"... Is it a breakthrough? Or a nightmare? Has the government gone too far? What is the terrifying weapon that we mu... more info>>
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When The Vow Breaks
Marriage--A forever commitment--Till death do us part. That's what they had vowed. And Jillian and Morgan both believed it. But then disaster strikes and beliefs are shattered. Morgan sat helpless as he'd watched one woman die. That nightmare forced him to acknowledge he couldn't go through it twice. Jillian feared he would never look at her scarred body in the same light again. Will true love triumph and faith take hold to overcome the obstacles they allowed to cripple their marriage?
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