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1. Long [66578 words]Beck And Call by Abby Gordon [Erotica/Romance]
2. Long [90429 words]I Bid One American by Amy Corwin [Romance]
3. Mid-Length [30950 words]Back In The Saddle by Desiree Holt [Erotica/Romance]
4. Mid-Length [29324 words]Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye [Romance]
5. Mid-Length [35488 words]His For The Weekend by Marie Tuhart [Erotica/Romance]
6. Mid-Length [27034 words]Surrender To The Siren Prince by Kate McKinley [Erotica/Romance]
7. Mid-Length [25926 words]The Morning After by Brenda Whiteside [Romance]
8. Long [98427 words]Magic of the Loch by Karen M. Nutt [Romance]
9. Long [82296 words]The Haunting of a Duke by Chasity Bowlin [Romance]
10. Short [15897 words]Give It To Me by Desiree Holt [Erotica]
  1. Long [80603 words]Captain Marvelous by Kate Henry Doran [Romance]
2. Long [56752 words]Dry Moon by Karyna DaRosa [Romance/Historical Fiction]
3. Long [72499 words]Guardian Bride by Lauri Robinson [Romance]
4. Long [59272 words]Home Style Lovin' by Elizabeth Palmer [Romance]
5. Long [107803 words]Saga of Sourdough Red by Pinkie Paranya [Romance]
6. Long [60901 words]The Stillburrow Crush by Linda Kage [Romance/Young Adult]
7. Long [57223 words]Wanna Make A Bet by Stacy Dawn [Romance]
8. Long [101135 words]No Turning Back by Kaylea Cross [Romance/Suspense/Thriller]
9. Short [18134 words]Tempted Fate [Legacy of the Celtic Brooch Book 3] by Karyna DaRosa [Romance/Historical Fiction]
10. Long [96885 words]Alex by Monica Robinson [Romance]
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A Convenient Coincidence
Lady Rosalind Parkhurst's passions lie more with her art than the glamour of society. When famed wax maker, Madame Tussaud, invites her to construct a model of the Prime Minister, Pitt the Younger, she relishes the prestigious opportunity. But her work hits a snag when she falls ill. Fortunately, she meets a handsome and infuriating physician who vows to help her. Morgan de Gray, 8th Marquess of Esenden is physician-extraordinaire to King George. When the Prime Minister dies unexpectedly, His Ma... more info>>
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A Convenient Cowboy
Nina Randall needs a change. Her career as an ad exec is in a shambles and she has no personal life to speak of. She has one last chance to prove herself--a soda pop commercial in a Western setting. The thought of rough, rugged cowboys positively beckons. Jon Carver, on the other hand, can't wait to get the heck out of Dodge. The only reason he's at the family ranch is to help his brother hold on to the Crooked C, and the year he promised to give in that pursuit is up. After all, he isn't a cowb... more info>>
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A Cottage Affair
Small New England towns may bury their dead, but never the past. With an art scandal threatening her future as a curator, Arden Alexander seeks refuge in the small colonial cottage owned by the women of her family for generations. But her handsome neighbor won't let her hide for long. For years, Alex Wingate has hoped to incorporate the cottage into his plans for an artists' retreat, and Arden's arrival is his golden opportunity. But when they discover some undocumented history about their fam... more info>>
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A Cowboy's Dream
Author Leah Smith has fantasized about her neighbor, Houston's pro baseball player Marcus Slade, for years, but thinks it's unlikely she'd catch the cowboy's interest since her IQ is bigger than her bra size. Having already been hurt by a man who wanted size over substance, she's not in a hurry to play in that ball field again. When an unexpected opportunity gets Marcus inside his favorite author's apartment, he's not about to let a second chance at love pass him by. Their attraction is quick an... more info>>
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A Dance to Die For
Annabel Maitland believes in destiny and following her heart--Trent Sheffield realizes his destiny is to believe in her. Annabel destroyed her dancing career trying to save her friend Quinn's life. Convinced Quinn's death was no accident, Annabel follows a clue to a North Carolina mountain inn and discovers that everyone who knew Quinn wanted her out of their lives--including the sexy innkeeper whose laid-back charm and megawatt grin take Annabel's breath away. But trusting her heart means igno... more info>>
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A Dash Of Longing
When big-city, celebrity chef, Matthew English moves to the quaint town of Salty Breezes, he's hoping to blend in with the locals. He wants to sample a taste of the normal life for awhile, but it never occurs to him that he might fall head over heels in love while he's there. Vivian Caprice, local freelance writer and aspiring romance author, lets curiosity get the better of her and she boldly jogs up the driveway of the Matthew English. Sparks fly during their flirtatious encounter, and then he... more info>>
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A Date For Love
Abby Myers is sick of her life. Her days are spent in a job she hates and the biggest excitement she has each night is watching her neighbor Jordan Ross bring home one new woman after another. When her younger sister announces her engagement--and Abby can't even find a date--she decides it's time for a change. By her upcoming birthday, she vows to get a life--and a lover. A night with Abby Myers? Confirmed bachelor Jordan Ross is ready to volunteer. Until he learns she's looking for more than j... more info>>
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A Date With Santa's Stand-in
As a mall display coordinator, forty-two-year-old Mara Wentworth reluctantly goes through the motions of preparing the Santa set for the Jolly One's annual visit. Although it's Mara's job to transform the mall into a dazzling winter wonderland, nudging shoppers into a festive (and free-spending) mood, she dreads her first Christmas as a divorced mother. But when tall, wavy-haired contractor Sam Kendall arrives and buckles on his tool belt to remodel Santa's old workshop, he drives Mara to distra... more info>>
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A Daughter's Promise
Embroiled in a bitter fight to liberate Rome during WWII, American soldier Miles Coulson is stranded on the cold beaches of Italy, alone, bleeding out, and not knowing the lay of the land. This leaves him with one choice: Live or die. Until Serene Moneto risks her family and her freedom to give him shelter. But as he recuperates, Miles finds himself fighting to liberate Serene from a life worse than any death. As the world crumbles around them, can the strength of their forbidden love be enough ... more info>>
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A Deadly Love
In the heart of the redwoods, a madman waits... Recovering from a broken engagement and determined to start over, Brooke Wakefield flees to her grandmother's home deep in the redwood forest. Discovering her teenage crush lives next door is a less than auspicious beginning. The last thing she needs is another man to break her heart, but every time Dillon glances her way, her heat level soars. Dillon Tremayne isn't looking for a relationship. With a young son, an eccentric grandfather, and a log... more info>>
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A Different Drum
Out-of-work reporter Mallory Aikins dreams of a Prince Charming who will whisk her away from her family's poverty to his mansion on the hill. Instead, she's stranded in the tiny town of Sagebrush, watching her chance at a new start in Palm Springs evaporate in the New Mexico heat. But her reporter's curiosity is piqued by sexy, mysterious, motorcycle-riding sheriff Drummond Wolfe. Mallory is determined to find out his secret, even if it threatens the passion that's beginning to sizzle between th... more info>>
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A Family To Die For
When high school chemistry teacher Mike Garretson learns one of his ancestral relatives was the victim of identity theft, long before it became the preferred crime of today's white collar thieves, he suddenly finds himself having to prove it before he ends up as dead as his murdered grandmother. Mike's only hope of winning the family inheritance is to hire historian Dr. Jennie Foster. But as she begins to uncover nearly century-old family secrets, Mike fears the feisty and brainy Jennie may disc... more info>>
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A Foreknown Love
Abandoned on the steps of St. Mary's Orphanage, seven ordinary girls discover they possess extraordinary powers? Coping with a terrible tragedy, Juliet Wiccan--a witch born with the power of premonition and visions--flees London for the countryside determined to start over. Anthony Treyworth, sixth Earl of Prembrooke, misses his days in the military as a spy. So when Scotland Yard needs his expertise to solve a baffling mystery, Anthony immediately accepts. But time is running out, and to find a... more info>>
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A Forever Kind of Thing
Mikael Giovanni, King of the Giovanni gypsy tribe, has been cursed to live forever. Jaded and bitter with the life he'd been dealt, he meets Allie Tremont, a woman with her own demons to battle. Allie's life is threatened when Mikael's considerable past catches up to him, thrusting her in the middle of a centuries old gypsy feud. Facing the possibility of eternity without the love it took centuries to find, Mikael must confront the past before it destroys his last chance at a forever kind of thi... more info>>
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A Ghostly Charm
An isolated island off the coast of South Carolina, a cursed Celtic symbol, a ghost tour led by a handsome charlatan, and a reporter determined to debunk anything supernatural come together in A Ghostly Charm. Maddy Saunders has come to McDavid Island on assignment for a new magazine, wondering how she'll ever rebuild her ruined reputation by writing about ghosts. Mal Sheridan leads a ghost tour to bring business to the island for his sister's New Age shop. Business is good as long as no one is ... more info>>
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A Gift Beyond All Measure
rriving home for Christmas, the last thing Jacob Scott expects in his house is a sexy, shotgun-toting stranger. Worse, his attraction to her bothers him even more than the gun. Still reeling from the deception of his long-time girlfriend, he's not looking for romance. Tessa Jones has learned one hard lesson--when everyone in your life has failed you, the only one you can trust is yourself. Facing the whispers of the townsfolk and an arson charge, Tessa unexpectedly finds herself trusting Jacob w... more info>>
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A Girl, A Guy, and a Ghost
A GIRL: Traci Nettleton is in seventh heaven when Brad Davidson, the gorgeous quarterback on the football team asks her out. Then she gets a mysterious e-mail that threatens to ruin everything. A GUY: Brad loves hanging out with Traci. She's cute, smart, and funny. But she seems a little jumpy around him lately. Is she hiding something? A GHOST: How can Traci be getting e-mails from her best friend who died two years ago? Is someone playing a cruel joke, or does Corky really need her help? Traci... more info>>
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A Hard Day On The Farm
When Molly Moved to the country, her new neighbor, George, made learning to drive the tractor a memorable experience that was just one aspect of farm life Molly found enjoyable.
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A Hot Day In Heaven
Bad things always seem to come in threes, or so Sonia St. Marie discovers as she is kicked out of her apartment during a blizzard, her job teaching art classes at an adult center gets cut and she catches her boyfriend in bed with her best friend. Needless to say, it's not been the best of days. That is, until Archer DeAngelo shows up in his black SUV, smelling of exotic spices and evoking a head full of sensual fantasies. For years, Archer has been the distraction in the back of Sonia's mind, te... more info>>
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A Hot Time in Texas
Twink Harrison dreams of opening a restaurant of her very own in the tiny town of Howard, Texas, the only place she ever felt free of the tyranny of her controlling father. But she could lose everything if stuffy bank officer Ethan McCloud won't give her a loan. Ethan can't wait to brush the dust of Howard off his polished wingtips. He refuses to give himself up to the podunk little town that sucked the life out of his father. A new job awaits in Chicago, but Twink threatens to derail his carefu... more info>>
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A Hunter's Angel
The serial killer stalking Clayton, Pennsylvania, isn't all that has Chief of Police Grace Wallace worried. For a year, she's tried to forget Special Agent Ian McHenry, and now he's the expert the FBI sent to catch the killer. She can't stay away from him, but something primal is telling her to run to save much more than just her heart. Despite the strict code of ethics Ian vowed to follow as a vampire hunter, he craves Grace's blood above all others. If he chooses to stay, Ian risks losing his... more info>>
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A Knight's Kiss
His mission could destroy his family... In service to King Henry II, SIR JAMES DE BARNARD must discover if his mother's new husband is a traitor, but when Jamie rescues a beautiful woman en route, she holds secrets that will change his life forever and could circumvent his mission if he isn't careful. With that thought in mind, he must decide if loving Sela is worth losing his knighthood. A dangerous plot... SELA DE CRECY's loyalty belongs to Lady Amye, the woman who rescued her from a brothel. ... more info>>
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A Law of Her Own
She won't let an innocent man hang--When Charity Dawson resigns her father's corporate law firm to pursue a career as a trial lawyer, she gets more of a change than she wanted. She finds herself transported to 1888 Texas in the middle of a murder trial. Turner Reardon is on trial for killing his mistress. He's given up all hope when an oddly dressed young woman disrupts his trial, claiming she can prove his innocence. Her testimony is brilliant, but his optimism is short lived when she also clai... more info>>
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A Legend of Ireland
Newly arrived from Texas, illustrator Tara Henning is enthralled with the beautiful Irish countryside. Before she can put a pencil to her sketchpad, she must represent the American side of the family at a funeral and then fulfill an embarrassing family obligation. Horse breeder Keefe McMurray is intrigued by the American stranger, a blond beauty who stirs something inside him. He stays close by her side, guiding her through the country funeral and wake. When Tara's dreamings appear during the da... more info>>
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A Lesson In Pleasure
From the moment their king called her husband to the Crusades, Lady Eleanor prayed for his safe return. While in the Holy Lands, Sir Gavin sent home extraordinary riches: tapestries, spices, oils. Tucked between the lush fabrics was a wicked book depicting lovers entwined--exotic ecstasies a lady could never even imagine. Eleanor has spent many a lonely night dreaming of Gavin pleasuring her in such ways, but when Gavin returns, he seems cold and distant, and Eleanor fears she's lost the only ma... more info>>
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