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1. Mid-Length [38622 words]Rules for a Happy Life by Nattie Jones [Erotica/Romance]
2. Mid-Length [45526 words]Holiday Spanking Stories by Nattie Jones [Erotica/Romance]
3. Long [110831 words]Stories to Keep You Warm at Night by OTK Romance [Erotica/Fantasy]
4. Long [54318 words]Gabby's Secret by OTK Romance [Erotica/Fantasy]
5. Mid-Length [35028 words]Cowboy Love by OTK Romance [Erotica/Fantasy]
6. Mid-Length [46167 words]Bad Girls IV by Michelle Carlyle [Erotica/Romance]
7. Long [51505 words]Bad Girls III by Michelle Carlyle [Erotica/Romance]
8. Long [54574 words]Bad Girls II by Michelle Carlyle [Erotica/Romance]
9. Long [79965 words]Bad Girls by Michelle Carlyle [Erotica/Romance]
10. Mid-Length [37861 words]The Six Wives of Henry D. Aith by April Hill [Erotica]
  1. Mid-Length [43436 words]The Eight Wisdoms by Oona West [Erotica/Romance]
2. Very Long [286428 words]Heat by R.L. Smith [Erotica/Science Fiction]
3. Mid-Length [35354 words]Brocton Chronicles III [More of Mattie Danvers] by Brandy Golden [Erotica/Romance]
4. Mid-Length [44376 words]Romance Through the Seasons by Katrina Devlin [Erotica/Romance]
5. Long [64297 words]Stand Up All the Way by Kathryn Jay [Erotica/Romance]
6. Mid-Length [33464 words]The Adventures of Keely Anne Sparks by Nattie Jones [Erotica/Romance]
7. Long [63158 words]Getting to the Bottom of the Story by Mandy Rogers [Erotica/Romance]
8. Mid-Length [43254 words]Just Desserts by Katrina Devlin [Erotica/Romance]
9. Mid-Length [44159 words]Brocton Chronicles I by Brandy Golden [Erotica/Romance]
10. Long [66367 words]The Snow Bunny by Brandy Golden [Erotica/Romance]
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Spanking My Girl
Evan Hawke has written ten hot stories about women who like to be spanked. And he's the man to do it. From "My First Girl" to "Party Girl," these sassy ladies are all begging for loving discipline, Evan's way. Part truth, part fiction, this book won't fail to spark your imagination, curl your toes and warm your heart!
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Spanking Stories to Warm Your Bottom (...and Your Heart)
The women in these nine sexy stories love to have their bottoms warmed. They love their men, but they'll never be happy unless they're spanked, disciplined, and taken in hand. Luckily, their men know how to spank with a hard hand and a soft heart. If you like spanking stories, then this book is guaranteed to warm your heart!
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Stand Up All the Way
Prickly and sarcastic, Erin has made keeping people at arm's length an art form. A disastrous first marriage left her with nothing but bitter memories? and a son she adores. She has no time for or interest in another man in her life. But a weekend caving trip puts Erin in intimate range of Cokely Tanner, a man with a devastating smile and a confident manner she finds unexpectedly beguiling. He is gentle and responsible and fair. But will Erin be able to handle Tanner's version of fairness when i... more info>>
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Stories to Keep You Warm at Night
A delightful collection of M/F stories for romance lovers everywhere. If you enjoy no-nonsense men who won't hesitate to spank a woman, this book is for you! Over 300 pages for hours of reading pleasure! For adults only.
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Tails of the Old West
If you like old west stories, where no-nonsense lawmen know how to stand up to their sassy ladies, then this book is for you! In "The Sheriff and the Hellcat," Katie's father, an accused bank robber, goes on the run. Katie must find him before Sheriff Tristan James does--or her Pa could hang!! She's never been outside her home town, and is forced to follow the Sheriff to where her father is likely hiding. But when Tristan discovers her tagging along, he's not pleased? and when she pushes his but... more info>>
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Teaching Carol
Women who love being told what to do, who love being controlled, used and humiliated for their Master's pleasure--or those who only fantasize about it--will find a soul mate in Carol. Men who enjoy being sexually dominant will wish they could be Jonathan, who makes Carol his personal property. This twelve chapter novella takes the reader deeply into the heart and mind of a young student-teacher in her journey from innocence to complete and enthusiastic submission to her Master. What begins as a ... more info>>
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That Old Spankin' Magic
Chicago born and raised Remy Broussard wants to discover the secrets of the Louisiana Bayou treasure map left by her great grandmother, Rheims Renquist. The secret is steeped in historic voodoo rituals that send chills of excitement up Remy's spine. Cork Renoir, a disillusioned, peace-seeking, ex-jazz player, owns the property that Rheims used to live on and is determined that his peaceful existence will not be disrupted by the treasure-seeking brat! Naturally sparks fly when the two young, head... more info>>
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The Adventures of Keely Anne Sparks
Keely Anne Sparks is addicted to adrenaline, whether it's swimming with sharks, freestyle kayaking, or tackling dangerous Class IV rapids. Her latest craving is some spanking adventure in their marriage. Her husband is only too happy to comply. In fact, he's so happy to comply, she fears he'll reign in her daredevil spirit. When she attacks his limits with the same spirit she attacks a challenge, the limits of their marriage are stretched. Will it break? Or will it become something bigger and be... more info>>
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The Brat Next Door
Tessa Randall has loved playing practical jokes on her brother's best friend, Trace Samuels, for as long as she can remember. But when she pushes him too far one day, she finds herself getting her long-overdue comeuppance over his lap. When Trace follows this treatment with a kiss, Tessa's confused emotions take an unexpected twist. Has she been menacing the boy next door her whole life, just to get closer to him? Has it been her motive all along to simply get his attention? And if so, where doe... more info>>
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The Casablanca Cruise
"Casablanca to Cairo!" the travel folder promised. "Twenty-nine days across the realm of the Bedouin, thirty romantic Arabian nights! A chance to shop for Aladdin's treasures in the bazaars of the Sudan." What Monica paid for was the perfect vacation adventure. What Monica got, however, was left behind at a water station in the middle of the Tropic of Cancer. Fortunately, or so it seemed at the time, a camel caravan just happened by shortly after and Monica was able to persuade them to take her ... more info>>
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The Dangers of Dieting
When Toni Devay sees an ad on the Internet for a sure-fire plan to lose weight, she investigates it. Startled to find that it involves corporal discipline, she nevertheless decides that it's just what she needs to accomplish her goals. There's only one problem; she can't tell her husband or he might say no! Will she trim down, get spanked, lie to her husband, or all of the above? This book includes a short story, "I'll Start Tomorrow," in which college student Heather deprives her roommate, Hank... more info>>
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The Dowry of Anna Berlitz
Newlyweds Paul and Michelle Zook find a dowry chest and the diary of ancestor Anna Berlitz. Will they find the secret to a harmonious marriage there? From the 1800's frontier to the present time, several generations of strong men impart love and discipline to the women in their lives. For adults only.
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The Dungeon
Duwy "Dee" Mallory is looking for something more than a one-night stand, but when her best friend takes her to a club and she meets Kevin Chebak, who is something of a celebrity in spanking fetish circles, she's not so sure he's what she's looking for, despite the strong attraction. So, when he offers her a job as his assistant for his tour in America, she has to struggle with her past, her convictions, her passion, and her first steps in a new world, all with her best friend and a surly turtle ... more info>>
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The Eight Wisdoms
My life usually follows the course of eight "wisdoms" taught to me by my Great Aunt Trudy. They aren't your typical life lessons, but they've served me well, particularly in my current predicament. Dumped by the perfect boyfriend, stranded in North Dakota and scared out of my pants by the local village idiots, there appears to be no end to my troubles. Fortunately, I've got a guardian angel. Well, it's pushing the limits of credulity to call tall, tattooed and sexy-as-hell-in-a-pair-of-Levis Reu... more info>>
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The Library Crawl
Readers who love erotic Domination/submission fiction, rejoice! Here is a new collection of stories from Zen Mackie, author of "Teaching Carol." In this volume, Patti serves a Master she's never met by doing things most people would never think of doing in a library, Jenny receives a rather public punishment for her misdeeds (and later discovers a new meaning for the term 'desk job'), Violet learns to overcome her shyness about serving her Master no matter where they might be (even in a restaura... more info>>
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The Long Arm of the Law and Other Short Stories
Variety is the spice of life, so why not spice things up with this collection of fourteen stories by Celeste. Feeling the need for a trip to the beach? Then check out "The Summer Place". Did you have a crush on a professor in college? Then turn to "The Education of Professor Warner." Ever wonder what happens behind the closed doors of a judge's chambers? Then don't miss "The Long Arm of the Law." Is getting older getting you down? "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall" will lift your spirits. In the mood ... more info>>
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The Migration of Connor Boland
Conner Boland is a penniless Irish rebel fleeing for his life to the United States, after being sentenced to an Australian penal colony. He is hired as a tutor to three young women who have never known a firm hand in their pampered, high-society lives. See what happens when a very determined Connor teaches them lessons they will never forget. Love, honor, and obedience are the guidelines throughout this epic story. Contains mild corporal punishment.
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The Miner's Wife
Mudhole Mill was a ramshackle mining town situated in the middle of absolutely nowhere. So when Cody headed in to get supplies, the last thing he expected to buy was a wife. And yet, when he saw that passing missionary auctioning off his daughter for enough money to keep on traveling, Cody couldn't help but join the bidding. Who'd have thought he'd win a bride? What's more, who'd have thought that quiet, skinny girl in the back of her daddy's wagon would turn into the same bold as brass woman he... more info>>
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The Mountain Man
Tom only made the four-hour drive from his claim to Keno City once a year. And yet, he paused at the mercantile long enough to load up a fresh stock of supplies, before jumping back into his truck and racing winter all the way back home again. The good news was, he barely made it back to his cabin just as the storm of the century touched down, pretty much guaranteeing he'd be snowbound for the next six months. The bad news was, there was a woman tucked into the back of his trailer, right between... more info>>
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The Six Wives of Henry D. Aith
Henry Aith is a well-educated Wyoming lumberjack and contented bachelor deceived into thinking he's found the woman of his dreams in Annie, a wide-eyed, innocent young heiress. After a whirlwind courtship, he loads up a buckboard and rides happily off with his wealthy new bride to her prosperous mountain "estate"--which Henry soon learns is a run-down farm occupied by a house full of Annie's unkempt, uncouth, and unwed sisters--all of whom swear like longshoremen and have the temperament of pole... more info>>
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The Sky Singer
After watching helplessly while her father's flying cargo business withered on the vine of scandal and accusation, Sydney Carstairs developed a burning desire for vengeance. She is determined to find the lost diamonds, rebuild Camaroo, and clear her father's reputation. When Ryan Roglund comes to Australia to enforce her father's edict to sell the business, Sydney is devastated but unwillingly attracted to the bossy freelance photographer. Using all her resources, she fights the determined, arro... more info>>
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The Snow Bunny
Danni Oaks had been brought up in luxury to be a sweetener in her father's business deals. When her childish illusions of marrying for love had been stripped away at an early age, her respect for men hit rock bottom. Then she met Sanders Linson, the handsome new owner of her father's ski lodge, and her interest had blossomed. The blonde giant had the audacity to spank her, and for Danni, it was a new experience--a man that seemed to care more for her personally than about her beauty and her fath... more info>>
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The Wrong Script
Mark Pargeter was translating his recent bestselling novel into a screenplay for a big Hollywood company, he thought. Tori Albright was a wannabe starlet who just needed a break, she thought. But, in the world of moviemaking, money runs the show and the industry is betraying them both, in different ways. Their decision to help each other seems to offer them both another chance--only Tori needs a helping hand just to stay focused and Mark is forced to supply one where, and when, it's most needed.... more info>>
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Warm Hearts and Bottoms [A Holiday Story Collection]
Holidays, and time spent with lovers and families, often warm our hearts with love. In this latest, sassy short story collection by Barrie Abalard, who writes as Belle for www.DisciplineAndDesire.com, hearts aren't the only things heated up. Whether it be with the paddle, belt, tree switch, or time-honored manly hand applied to the bare female bottom, problems are solved, and the spankings end with a sore backside for her and a satisfying conclusion for both. Besides Christmas and New Year's, ot... more info>>
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