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Writers Exchange E-Publishing is an Australian publishing house. After expanding beyond our award-winning Writing Resource Website, we started publishing ebooks in 2000. We are especially open to new authors, as it is our desire to foster new talent. With a guaranteed replacement if mistakes are found, our editing is a top priority. We publish almost all genres except erotica and horror. We produce numerous children's illustrated picture books as well as adult novels of every kind. Our books are available in pdf, html, rtf, Microsoft Reader and can be downloaded in electronic format or snail mailed on CD or print.

1. Long [111064 words]Degrees of Separation [Falcon's Bend Series, Book 1] by Karen Wiesner [Mystery/Crime]
2. Long [100497 words]Site 13 by C. Wayne Winkle [Suspense/Thriller]
3. Long [146642 words]A Ring Realms Novel: War of the Genemar Series Book 1: Child of Ascendants by Will Greenway [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
4. Mid-Length [46040 words]The Lady and the Order [Sunsinger Chronicles Book 4] by Michelle Levigne [Science Fiction]
5. Long [141461 words]The Peace [Worlds of the Timestream Book 1] by Richard J. Sutcliffe [Science Fiction/Alternate History]
6. Very Long [208931 words]'Neath Odin's Eye [Reality's Plaything #2] by Will Greenway [Fantasy]
7. Long [63592 words]Blood Of The Innocents by Jennifer St. Clair [Fantasy]
8. Mid-Length [41987 words]Gemar [Sunsinger Chronicles Book 9] by Michelle Levigne [Science Fiction]
9. Mid-Length [28839 words]Scouts [Sunsinger Chronicles Book 10] by Michelle Levigne [Science Fiction/Young Adult]
10. Very Long [158584 words]Eternal's Agenda [Reality's Plaything Book 3] by Will Greenway [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
  1. Very Long [297307 words]Hecate's Bounty [Savant's Blood Series Book 2] by Will Greenway [Fantasy]
2. Long [146642 words]A Ring Realms Novel: War of the Genemar Series Book 1: Child of Ascendants by Will Greenway [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
3. Very Long [208931 words]'Neath Odin's Eye [Reality's Plaything #2] by Will Greenway [Fantasy]
4. Very Long [169759 words]Milward Chronicles Book 3: Whispers of War by Robert Beers [Fantasy]
5. Very Long [158584 words]Eternal's Agenda [Reality's Plaything Book 3] by Will Greenway [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
6. Very Long [270051 words]The Infinity Annihilator [Reality's Plaything Book 5] by Will Greenway [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
7. Very Long [254391 words]Shadow of the Avatar [Savant's Blood Book 1] by Will Greenway [Fantasy]
8. Mid-Length [42769 words]The Good People of Coralville by Lazette Gifford [Young Adult/Mystery/Crime]
9. Very Long [161964 words]Savants Ascendant [Reality's Plaything Series Book 4] by Will Greenway [Fantasy/Science Fiction]
10. Long [117072 words]Discovery [Milward Chronicles Book 2] by Robert Beers [Fantasy]
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Degrees of Separation [Falcon's Bend Series, Book 1]
Who is killing the midnight ladies? Falcon's Bend is a small, sleepy town in Wisconsin that owns more taverns than churches, but fills both on the appropriate days. Teenagers talk of escape from a one-horse town like Falcon's Bend because nothing ever seems to happen...until one fateful night when a dancer from the town's scandalous strip joint is found strangled. It soon becomes clear to Investigators Pete Shasta and Danny Vincent that the close-knit "family" at the nightclub is a bizarre b... more info>>
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Site 13
Terance Wolfe knew what it was like to lose everything. In the space of six years, he lost his freedom, his business, his wife and son. Then he got his freedom handed back to him. What could he do? In this time of severe water crisis, all he could do was go to work for the one corporation that seemed to be searching for water successfully: The Bennington Corporation, BenCor. And in the only place water could be found: Antarctica. There he faced not only the terrible conditions under which he... more info>>
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A Ring Realms Novel: War of the Genemar Series Book 1: Child of Ascendants
For Vhina Starfist-T'Evagduran, 4th Princess of Malan, adventure is a hereditary trait. With a reality controlling savant for a father, and an elven mistress of elements for a mother, Vhina has lived in the shadow of her parent's legend. Trained almost from birth in the arts of battle, she is can only wonder why--because there is no war... not even a hint of one. Until today. Child of Ascendants carries on the story of the children of Gaea, and their struggle to protect the realms from the thr... more info>>
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'Neath Odin's Eye [Reality's Plaything #2]
Surviving a battle to the death with a god would tax the greatest of heroes, but for Bannor Starfist it is only the beginning of something much worse--a war with a whole pantheon of gods! The death of Hecate has triggered a rumble in the Vanir pantheon. AllFather Odin is not happy, Bannor and all his friends must be brought to justice for the crime of murder. For the already battered Bannor, the ordeal is only beginning. Sarai's mother and sister, and all the rest of his friends have been captur... more info>>
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A Beth-Hill Novel: Karen Montgomery Series Book 4: Detour
One wrong turn sends Karen down a road that doesn't exist, to the site of an old accident and an even older mystery. With Russ' help, Karen finds the key to the mystery, but Russ has secrets of his own, some of which are deadly. When old friends from Russ' past come to call, Karen realizes that Russ' secrets might just mean his doom. Russ' nemesis is dead; he only wants to live the rest of his life quietly in Beth-Hill. But three years ago, before Karen met him, something terrible happened that... more info>>
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Angelfire Trilogy Book 1: Falling Star
A man of God, a fallen angel. Two different worlds, one undying love... For the first time in her life, Rori Mason is independent, supporting herself; she has friends who love her, and-most importantly-she respects herself. She's vowed never to allow a man to hurt her again. Nate Jovanovich broke the heart of a younger, less cynical Rori by marrying her rival. 11 years later, Nate has lost his wife, gained a child and, at the end of it all, realizes Rori is still the woman of his heart.
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Angelfire Trilogy Book 2: First Love
She was expecting...anything but him! During a traumatic childhood, Darlene Foxx had only one light--Jason Radcliffe, her best friend and eventually her lover. Until she found out that she wasn't his only lover, Darlene dreamed of the day they'd escape and be together forever. At seventeen, she left home alone and forced herself to overcompensate for her upbringing by never trusting anyone, especially Jace. Years later, Darlene is in desperate need of a friend to share her joy, her fear and pa... more info>>
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Angelfire Trilogy Book 3: Forever Man
Savannah ("Savvy") O'Brien is level-headed, sophisticated and in complete control of her life. The only commitment she's willing to make is to her career as a lawyer...and to a parking space for her new car. Brett Foxx has loved and he's lost. He's put a lifetime of anger, recklessness and a multitude of sins behind him. The road warrior has finally settled down and he plans to keep himself as far from love as he can get. He's not looking for trouble, but if anyone can give it to him it's his f... more info>>
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Blood Of The Innocents
Ten years ago, Orien, crown prince of the Seleighe, was captured by his mortal enemies, locked in a dungeon, and turned into a vampire. Four years ago, Cullen, a Healer's brother, disobeyed his Mistress' orders, thus sealing his fate for all eternity. Now, they both are free. But a secret only Cullen knows lies locked inside his mind, and it might drive him mad before he can uncover the identity of a traitor--the elf who betrayed Orien and left them both to die in darkness.
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Commonwealth Universe: Modern Era: True Caderi
Qinda was a nobody, surviving on her wits, and cursed with genetics that hinted at unusual gifts. Strong enough hints to make a powerful, domineering old woman chase her across the star systems to gain possession of her. When her safe home on an agricultural planet is threatened by her enemy, Qinda and her husband know the only way to keep them all alive and safe is to split up, and hope to reach the Commonwealth where they can request sanctuary. But along the way, someone even more powerful fin... more info>>
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Eternal's Agenda [Reality's Plaything Book 3]
Always a catch... For Bannor Starfist, the savant of reality, nothing is easy... including getting married. Fresh off a duel with allfather Odin, Bannor tries to start a new life in Malan with his cherished betrothed, Sarai. He hopes the worst of his troubles will be preparing for the elaborate royal marriage ceremonies. As usual, things don't go according to plan... Creation, annihilation, perpetuity... the words boom in Bannor's mind through his magical nola powers. The message is just a pre-c... more info>>
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Gemar [Sunsinger Chronicles Book 9]
Gemar, a lost colony, former member of the Conclave, now a member of the Commonwealth. A world with legends of shapeshifters. Someone wants to force Gemar to re-join the Conclave. Someone wants it badly enough to kill hundreds of people. When Captain Lorian of the Estal'es'cai is one of the victims, the future of the Leaper alliance with the Commonwealth is in jeopardy. Bain and his Spacer friends risk their lives to investigate and protect their Leaper friends and bring their dream of the Scout... more info>>
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Ladybug, Ladybug [Karen Montgomery Series Book 3]
In the third Karen Montgomery story, an innocent attempt to rid the library of a plague of ladybugs turns sinister when a rogue vampire hunter gets the contract. Ivy--and all the vampires in Beth-Hill--are in danger, and their only hope lies with Karen, a member of the Wild Hunt, and Russell Moore, a reformed vampire hunter.
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Scouts [Sunsinger Chronicles Book 10]
Bain and the first generation of Scouts go on a training flight with the first Scout ship, but it turns into their first official rescue mission. Sunsinger has been damaged. Ganfer could be destroyed. And Lin is missing.
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The Amarnan Kings Book 1: Scarab - Akhenaten
A chance discovery in Syria reveals answers to the mystery of the ancient Egyptian sun-king, the heretic Akhenaten and his beautiful wife Nefertiti. Inscriptions in the tomb of his sister Beketaten, otherwise known as Scarab, tell a story of life and death, intrigue and warfare, in and around the golden court of the kings of the glorious 18th dynasty. The narrative of a young girl growing up at the centre of momentous events - the abolition of the gods, foreign invasion and the fall of a once-... more info>>
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The Chelsea Chronicles Book 1: So You Want to be a Vampire
Normally, Chelsea Kingdom is a pretty quiet place, but recently there have been multiple murders...by a vampire! The worst time for Vlad Dhalgren--centuries-old vampire--to move into town to escape vampire hunters and an angry mob. Vlad's chances of blending in and living a normal life is not likely to happen with other vampires hiding in the shadows around the castle; others who have been hiding in plain sight for years. Anna Everett the crown princess of the Kingdom of Chelsea, and, despit... more info>>
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The Enemy of My Enemy [The Cull Chronicles Book 2]
Captain, a title Jason Cull had never really imagined he'd own. The Freedom's launch may have been a disaster, but Mr. Lucas had still been there to keep the crew focused and tell them all what to do. Well one single botched mission had taken care of that, and now the others had voted to put Jason in charge. Great. Now all he had to do was literally figure out how to save the world. At least Lucas had left him with a vague idea of what to do next- find the Bettarians, the aliens who they alre... more info>>
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The Infinity Annihilator [Reality's Plaything Book 5]
Infinity Annihilator The rogue Kriar Daergon's have the ancient Jyril genemar, a weapon capable of destroying all the magic in Eternity. A device so destructive it can to slay any creature from a universe away. Bannor is just lucky enough to have the weapon aimed at him. Infinity Annihilator is the fifth and final volume in the epic of Reality's Plaything, as the ultimate powers meet head on in devastating battle.
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The Lady and the Order [Sunsinger Chronicles Book 4]
Bain and Lin meet up with Sister High Scholar Marnya, a member of the Order of Kilvordi--the Church scholars and scientists who brought civilization back from the destruction of the Downfall and took Humans back into space. Marnya needs their help on a very important mission: She needs to travel in disguise, to see if the conditions on the colony worlds match the reports that she receives. Plus, someone is trying to kill members of the Order, and Marnya is the most important target of all. Bain'... more info>>
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The Peace [Worlds of the Timestream Book 1]
The Peace is alternate-history Irish-flavoured Christian science fiction. James IV, High King of Ireland and the worlds he rules, is deposed at the height of the Three Worlds' War (1941). Banned from the throne by his corrupt nobles for 60 years, he struggles to survive and maintain the Pax Hibernia despite clan MacCarthy's genocidal high-tech schemes. Characters from our earth struggle with their own religious and political loyalties as they are drawn into Greater Hibernia's intrigues. Remote E... more info>>
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95 Bravo
It is 1970, and the United States is still deeply bogged down in the quagmire known as Vietnam. Greg Taylor, a rural bred Pennsylvanian, finds himself becoming yet another cog in the massive military machine known as the US Army. My novel follows him from the dehumanizing nine weeks of basic training, through his six month stint as a Military Policeman at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, and then to his ten plus month tour of duty in Vietnam and ends when he first visits the Vietnam Memorial ... more info>>
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A Belinda Robinson Novel Book 1: Belinda and the Witch's Cat
Belinda is an only child, and lonely. When her mother has to leave home to recover from her illness, her grandmother arrives to look after her. Belinda discovers to her delight that she has a very unusual grandmother and her grandmother's cat, a superior Siamese called Senna is equally unusual. Belinda's life suddenly becomes full of friends and adventures. She learns to fly a moth eaten carpet to visit her mother, turn a big black bear back into her father and saves Senna from certain death... more info>>
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A Beth-Hill Novel: Jacob Lane Series Book 5: The Sixth Stone
Jacob and Danny stumble across an alternate world where the Hunt was never bound, and Darkbrook was abandoned a hundred years ago. But when the Hounds wish to surrender, they are swept up in a whirlwind of heartbreak, betrayal, and a lost treasure.
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A Beth-Hill Novel: Karen Montgomery Companion Story: Russ' Story: Capture
Long before Russell Moore ever met Karen Montgomery or set foot in Beth-Hill, he was a vampire hunter. A very good vampire hunter. Quite possibly the best vampire hunter of them all. He brought down whole nests of vampires, caring little about the consequences of his actions; anyone who lived with or helped the vampires were enemies. It was easier that way, not to think of them as people. Only an idiot would go so far as to capture a vampire hunter and try to reform him--or her. Ethan Walker w... more info>>
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A Brother's Love [The Frencolian Chronicles Book 3]
The account of the black plague and its dread effects upon the kingdom of Frencolia; the disappearance of King Leopold; the take-over of the kingdom by the treacherous Elliad and his volatile reign of injustice and terror. Tristan returns. Every page packed with adventure ... much more than just a story...
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