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eBook Basics
<< Back to Help What is an eBook?
The electronic version of a book that you can download to your personal computer or handheld device. You can then read the eBook using reading software.

Can I print out my eBooks?
Because of copyright restrictions, you cannot print or copy eBooks.

Am I allowed to email an eBook to a friend?
Sorry, that is not allowed by law. These stories are copyrighted. If you email a file to a friend, you are making a copy of it. You would be committing a crime. The file is licensed to you and you alone. It's not like a physical book that you can loan to a friend. When you purchase and download an eBook from the eReader.com.com, you alone are authorized to read it. You can download it onto multiple devices, for example a Palm and also your home PC. That's allowed by your personal license. But you cannot send copies to any other person. Besides being illegal, making an unauthorized copy of a work deprives the author of their fair royalty, and makes it harder for us to acquire more content in the future. If we catch a violator, we will prosecute him or her to the fullest extent of the law, which can include heavy fines and even imprisonment. So please don't do it. We charge reasonable prices, don't steal from us and our authors.

Can I order eBooks by phone?
No. eBooks can only be purchased online.

Can I pay for an eBook with a check?
Yes. the eReader.com accepts checks and money orders. The amount will be entered into your Micropay Account, and you can then purchase eBooks using Micropay. Send to: the eReader.com, Inc., Micropay, 346 Main Street, Chatham, NJ 07928. You can also fax in a credit card payment to your Micropay Account to 973-701-6774.

Can I add money to my Micropay account using PayPal?
Sure! Click here for details.

Can I send eBook Gift Certificates?

Yes. You can purchase a the eReader.com Gift Certificate or Gift Pak that can be redeemed at the eReader.com for eBooks.

How is eBook pricing decided?
the eReader.com is both a publisher (i.e., we own the electronic rights to certain eBooks) and a distributor (we sell eBooks from other ePublishers). EBooks published by the eReader.com can cost as little as 49 cents for short stories, while novels (40,000 words and higher) usually cost $4.99 and up. In general, the eReader.com tries to keep its novel length works at or below new paperback prices. When the eReader.com sells works from other ePublishers, we do not control the price--the ePublisher does. the eReader.com gives its members many ways to save. Our "power users" take advantage of all of these to get very high discounts on their purchases.

How do I order an eBook?
We suggest you take a moment to learn how the the eReader.com system works. It's very easy.

Can I order multiple copies of an eBook?
Since you can download your eBooks as needed, there is no reason to buy multiple copies. If you wish to buy an eBook for a friend, check out our Gift Certificate and Gift Pack page.

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