What's that Code stuff on the Shopping Cart page?

There is an area at the bottom of your shopping cart that prompts for Code. This field allows you to redeem gift certificates, coupons, or other promotional codes. If you don't happen to have a gift certificate, etc., don't worry about this field.

How do I use this feature?

Assuming you have a gift certificate, promotional, or coupon code, simply type in the code number at the Code prompt, and press the Apply Code button. You will see the affects of the codes immediately on items in your cart to which the code applies. You will see the normal price for the item(s) in question with a strikeout line through them, and then the discounted price below the normal price colored red.

Can I use a coupon more than once?

No, coupons are one-shot, just as they are in traditional retail stores. Some coupons apply only to a single title, but some others are percentage discounts on multiple titles (or even all titles on the web site). For this type of coupon, you should place everything you want in your cart before using the coupon code because it will only apply to things already in your cart.

Where do I find these promotional codes?

Sometimes we send promotions to our best customers to show our appreciation. Sometimes we will put a coupon code in an advertisement to try to get people to join up. Sometimes we may give a coupon to a book club or other organization, or one of our affiliates to help them launch their association with the eReader.com. It's the same as any other kind of retail business, a virtual version of a paper coupon.