Golden Adonis

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: DCL Publications LLC | Date published: 07/23/2009


R.J. Lindqvist, best friend to Luisandro, the hero of Not Without Love, owns a Gym and Spa in Jacksonville. Four years earlier, when he was staying with Rose Marie, his best friend, they drifted into a love affair, and she became pregnant. She did not tell RJ, because he was so busy making a success of his Gym and Spa. When the baby is 3 months old, she moves to Jacksonville and asks RJ for a job as his accountant. While waiting for the right moment to tell him Joy is his daughter, she realizes RJ is seeing a woman named Audrey. She decides to remain silent. In due course, she hears that RJ has broken with Audrey. When RJ finds out that Joy is his daughter, he is angry with Rose Marie for not telling him instantly, dismissing her reasons for her silence. If RJ proposes now, Rose Marie will think he wants to marry her for Joy's sake. This would not be the kind of marriage she could agree to. Other women try to hit on RJ, but he dismisses them with a shrug. He will only marry the mother of his daughter. Rose Marie wants to be married for herself. How can they break this impasse?