Gossamyr [Changelings Series Book 2]

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Categories: Fantasy
Publisher: Harlequin/Luna | Date published: 09/07/2009


Disenchantment threatens those who enter the mortal realm... The Red Lady plots to destroy faeries who linger in the mortal world, by draining their essence. Only those without glamour can withstand the succubus's wicked enticements. So now Gossamyr de Wintershinn, half faery, half mortal, vows to use her wits, fighting ability and hint of glamour to face the Red Lady in her Paris lair. But this is Gossamyr's first trip to the war-ravaged mortal realm, and it seduces with its own enchantments. With her new traveling companion--a soul shepherd with more than one secret--Gossamyr takes the first steps to save her people. Yet as she strives to defeat the Red Lady, she discovers that incredible power can be found in the truth--and in learning true names. And a danger, as well...