His Convenient Husband

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Categories: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. | Date published: 09/04/2009


A temporary arrangement? Don't bet the ranch on it? Innamorati, Book 1 At the tender age of seven, newly orphaned Micah Jiminez lost everything--and got lucky. The Delaney family opened their hearts and their home, treated him like one of their own. One Delaney in particular, though, became more than a brother to Micah. The handsome and protective Tucker is the man to whom he wants to give his love. But after a single passionate night together, Tucker rebuffs him and hightails it to Dallas to pursue his dreams. Leaving Micah to pick up the pieces of his broken heart--and feeling like a fool. The impending death of the Delaney patriarch brings an unsavory relative out of the woodwork, threatening Micah's beloved adopted family. They're going to need all hands in the fight to keep The Bar D from being pulled out from under them all--including Tucker. Micah steels himself to convince the man he can't forget to come home. To his everlasting surprise, it's Tucker who comes up with the perfect solution: a marriage of convenience--to Micah. His gut tells him Tucker's motivation involves nothing more than saving the ranch. Now he just has to convince his fragile heart. This title has been revised and expanded by more than 10,000 words from its original published version. Warning: This book contains threatening emails, imaginary sex, excessive use of antacids, non-homophobic cowboys, a bed being misused as a trampoline, male bonding during a gynecological examination of a pregnant mare, steamy manlove and a very hot-tempered Latino.