Executive Decisions: Research Only

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Paranormal Erotica
Publisher: Changeling Press LLC | Date published: 06/19/2009


Aimee has a promising career ahead of her as a science fiction author. Her editor thinks she'd make an even bigger sensation if she sexed her work up a bit. There's only one small problem. Aimee's a virgin. Darius, owner of Executive Decisions, is completely out of his element when trying to match Aimee with an escort. Not just any man will do, and he wants to make sure he gets it right. The only person he truly trusts with the delicate flower is his best friend and business partner Yusuf Abudallah. Yusuf agrees, but he has reservations. Not about Aimee, but about Darius. It seems the untouchable Darius Faeman has met his match. But will he realize it before it's too late?