Blind Gods

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Categories: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing | Date published: 01/28/2003


Blind Gods is a novel about Agis, a king of Sparta who tries to reform the city-state as it sinks into decline during the period when the Macedonians held sway in ancient Greece and while Rome was on the ascendancy. Three love stories are interwoven as Agis seeks support for his reforms among the oligarchy running Sparta while the helots, the people whom the Spartans conquered and then kept in servitude, threaten to rebel: Agis and his bride, Agiatis; Ketras, the rebel helot leader, and Chlorydis, a raped helot girl who seeks refuge among the helots in the mountains; and Hippomedon, Agis' cousin and fellow aristrocat who was spurned by Agiatis and whose cynicism threatens to wreck his love for Zara, a beautiful but mysterious Hebrew visitor from Jerusalem who is on a secret mission to the Greek city-states.