Deadly Serum

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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing | Date published: 07/23/2009


Kip Trinity, single and unattached, is a wills and probates lawyer who hires himself out to act as executor of his clients' last wills. Against his better judgment, he agrees to meet with the granddaughter of his newest and by far the most cantankerous client, Horace Bryer, to act as mediator in a family dispute.  Paxton O'Reilly is desperate to have a relationship with her estranged grandfather, millionaire Horace Bryer. Not only is he her only living relative beside Haylee Ambrose, her fraternal twin sister, who happens to be a vampire, but he holds the key to a serum that will cure the vampiric infection.  Rockler, leader of Manchester's vampires, searches for the serum to destroy it.  Gabe Durley, a homicide detective and friend of Trinity's with a secret of his own, investigates the murders that Trinity and O'Reilly happen upon and soon finds himself entrenched in their plan to locate and destroy Rockler's lair.

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