Her Commander

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Categories: Science Fiction/Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. | Date published: 07/21/2009


She destroyed his resistance. His ship could be next.... The Orion, Book 2 As commander of the Orion, self-control is Captain Steve Craig's mantra. He'll do whatever it takes to keep his ship safe from predators, including keeping his romantic liaisons off ship. The women of his crew are strictly off limits--especially those among the lithe, lethal Serpentian Guard. Tessa Alligon is trained to kill with her bare hands, but nothing could prepare her innocent heart for the likes of the iron-willed captain. When she unexpectedly catches him with his barriers down, they share a night that melts the deep-space cold. Craig tells her it was a mistake--their passion must be controlled. But once unleashed, Tessa's sensual nature is not easily cooled. Neither is her thirst for revenge when he insists they have no future together. A future for any of them becomes iffy when they discover there's a saboteur on board. One that could be lurking within the ranks of the Serpentian Guard itself... One that Steve knows may even be Tessa. Warning: Contains love scenes so hot they'll melt the heat shields on your space suit, a heroine willing to die to protect her ship, a hero strong enough to command her heart, and martial arts violence used against dastardly saboteurs.