A Dangerous Woman

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Solstice Publishing | Date published: 06/29/2009


Logan knew moments after saving the woman that she was nothing but trouble and dangerous. Yet even though he was sexually attracted to her knew for his own safety and sanity he had to keep away from her. Yet after sharing a few kisses, it was impossible to keep his hands of her. Between the wild hot passion they share and her sexy little underwear, he was truly lost. Delany liked everything the cowboy did to her and was quite miffed when he refuses to continue the intimacy between them. However, luck was with her and moving in to his house, she's determined they share such wonderful intimacy again. What she refuses to do is listen to him when he continuously tells her they have no other choice but to become man and wife. After all, she's determined to marry a gentleman not a cowboy.