Sandals and Sodomy

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Categories: Gay Fiction/Romance
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press/Dreamspinner Press | Date published: 07/01/2008


Enter the ancient world through a portal of marble pillars to see the wonders--beautiful and terrible--that await you: luck lost and love found in the infamous Trojan War; the binding of hearts and souls in the Sacred Band of Thebes; the horrors and pleasures of the gladiators' arena; the whims and fancies of the emperors; and the touch of the gods and goddesses upon the affairs of mere mortals. Sandals and Sodomy will transport you to another time... another place... where the battles of good and evil are overshadowed by the struggles for love.

Stories included are:

Greeks Bearing Gifts by D. G. Parker
Troy Cycle by Dar Mavison
Undefeated Love by John Simpson
Hadrian by Remmy Duchene
After the Games by Connie Bailey
The Vow by Ariel Tachna