Future Found

by Mima
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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. | Date published: 11/01/2008


Tending the Spirit has never been so sexy. A Claimed story. As a tree singer, it is Shay-non's duty--and pleasure--to tend the chi of the few remaining trees left after the Cataclysm. Even if it means enduring the life-sucking presence of the greedy cybernetic elites who own them. But the moment she steps into Elite Sandor's compound, he throws her world into disarray. Instantly, she finds herself tricked into twenty-four hours as his sexual "guest", an infuriating prospect. Then he lets her see, but not touch, the magnificent oak in his possession. An oak that shouldn't exist. For one moment with the tree, she'll do anything--even submit to Sandor's attentions. Sand has waited years for Shay's unmet sexual needs to weaken her defenses enough to make his move. The time is ripe to begin a spiritual revolution, plus convince the lovely singer he has always loved her from afar--all in one day's time. A daunting task, especially since her earthy sexuality has him making all sorts of deviations from his plan. Now that he has her captive, he can only pray. That she'll agree to help him defy the Council and raise an illegal forest temple. And that she'll see past his sensual blackmail into his heart. Warning: This book includes brief references to m/m and ménage relationships. Some readers may be disturbed by references to a death during sex. There's also sex involving a tree that will forever make you smile when you hear the term "tree-hugger".