The Whole Shebang

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. | Date published: 04/17/2007


An instant family wasn't what David had planned for his life, but once he met single mother Lucy he knew he had to change his plans. Fifth grade teacher David Storm has had it up to here with one of his students. Lately the boy's attitude has changed. He is obnoxious and rowdy, unable to sit still for five seconds, and is constantly interrupting to ask questions that have nothing to do with the subjects they're studying. The boy's twin brother is just the opposite--so quiet that it has David worried. He calls their mother and tells her he needs to speak with her, setting in motion a whole set of events he never could have imagined. Lucy Parker knows what her boys are trying to do--and she doesn't approve. Since her divorce from their father three years ago, the eleven-year-olds have been trying to set her up with every single man in the tri-county area. They mean well, but she isn't looking for love. She's got enough trouble raising four rambunctious boys, and she doesn't need to add someone else to the list. Especially not their latest choice--their very handsome yet way-too-young-for-her teacher. Warning: This book contains monogamous sex scenes using some graphic language.