The Countess Lends a Hand

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. | Date published: 12/09/2008


The man of her dreams is a nobleman. What's a poor ladies' maid to do? Reinvent herself, of course. For the first time in her life, reserved ladies' maid Cecile Lambeaux has fallen madly in love--with Sir Nathaniel Covington, a man so far across the social chasm there's not even an echo. Her only hope to gain his attention is her mistress, the Countess, who offers to help her pass as a gentlewoman. Cecile agrees, even if it means only a brief affair with the man whose haunted face touches her heart. Many burdens and secrets weigh down Nathaniel's lonely soul. The Countess's house party is a welcome respite from his troubles, especially when he finds a woman there who stirs him deeply. Cecile is an alluring woman of the world--but with an appealing innocence behind her flirting. Before he knows it, he is completely caught up in her charms. Their connection grows stronger than Cecile ever dreamed possible, but her deception hangs over her head. Meanwhile, Meredith and her lover, Chris, work through their own relationship issues regarding trust. Will both women learn their lessons about keeping secrets--before they ruin their chance for love? Warning: This title contains a Regency hero and heroine doing the library lambada, and graphic language Jane Austen wishes her editor would have let her characters use.