Toby Martin: Pet Detective

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Categories: Young Adult
Publisher: | Date published: 04/01/2009


One by one neighborhood dogs disappear. One by one the ransom notes arrive. When Toby Martin and her best pal, Freddy, discover Toby''s dog is the next intended victim, they become first-rate detectives. Who is the pooch pilferer? Will Toby and Freddy rescue the dogs and capture the criminal? While Toby is investigating, she is also writing a series of mystery stories in the Sherlock Holmes'' tradition. These stories are critiqued by the delightfully nasty Mrs. Trattles, a hard-nosed, straight arrow English teacher who forces Toby to improve her writing. Join Toby, Freddy, and Mrs. Trattles as Toby solves "The Case of the Missing Dogs." If you liked this Toby Martin adventure, look for Toby Martin: School Sleuth, "The Case of the Junior High Terrorist" to be released this summer.