Starch: The Desperate Teen Matchmaker

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Categories: Young Adult
Publisher: | Date published: 04/01/2009


Jeff, a.k.a. Starch, has problems. His Aunt Lucy has come for a visit because his mom is ill and he's forced to bunk with his nerdy younger brother, whom she favors. He also has a crush on his best friend's sister, but his insecurities prevent him from seeing that she may be attracted to him too. His problems escalate big time when he learns that his mom will need a kidney transplant. Adding to his fears is the fact that his father once dated Aunt Lucy. That sends his imagination into overdrive. Horror of horrors. If his mom can't find a donor kidney, Aunt Lucy could possibly end up being his stepmother! Anxious to prevent that from ever happening, Starch tries to match his aunt with his history teacher. When his matchmaking appears to fail, he becomes even more desperate and answers an ad in the Personals Column of the town newspaper and signs his aunt's name. And that act of desperation brings comic results that he never expected.

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