Future Bristol

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: Swimming Kangaroo Books | Date published: 04/01/2009


This Is Future Bristol, where: A young engineer must try to avert a nightmare future--Activists and hackers take nanotech and recycling slightly too far--The city fights back against a tidal wave of crime--A new drug and riots spark an unexpected renewal--Present meets future as urban explorers encounter unforeseen hazards--Pirates and ruthless executives battle for supremacy above the sunken streets--Humanity's heirs cling onto survival in a world of toxic waste--The last living human must make an agonizing choice--A broken child may change the world. Nine short stories by leading (local) British authors including BSFA and Philip K. Dick Award-nominee Liz Williams, Interzone Poll-winner Gareth L Powell, Stephanie Burgis, Jim Mortimore, Joanne Hall, Nick Walters and Christina Lake.