Billionaire Extraordinaire

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Harlequin/Silhouette Desire | Date published: 05/04/2009


Mr. May: Damien Medici, überbillionaire
Mission: Revenge...through any means
Method: Seduction, of course!

Finally he could avenge his family. And the key to achieving all Damien desired lay in the hands of his sweet new secretary, Emma Weatherfield. She could reveal the privileged information he so desperately wanted. But in order to gain Emma's trust, he had to win her love.

Romancing his way into Emma's heart was easier than he'd imagined. Doing so without entrapping himself, however, was not something this risk-taker had ever anticipated.

MAN OF THE MONTH: A select member of The Billionaires Club--self-made in everything but love!