Dirge for a Nude

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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Wonder Audiobooks, LLC/Wonder eBooks | Date published: 01/01/1952


Grooving on the Spineret in a new club in the Village, Marty Bishop was feeling pretty good. He had a date with the gorgeous coat check girl that night and the crowd was enjoying the scene. But when Marty's old flame comes in, all eyes turn to her with her blue-black hair and her sultry good looks. She's got a wad of money in her bra and she wants Marty back. Marty agrees to meet her in his car, but when he shows up and finds her naked and dead, he knows he's in a heap of trouble. Jonathan Craig is best known for the Pete Selby-Stan Rayder detective series, published in the 50s by Gold Medal Books.

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