Beloved Traveler

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Categories: Romance/Science Fiction
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing | Date published: 11/01/2008


Gaian widow Ana Ranalla took the job of nanny to explore the Outer Colonies and escape having to go to any more Gaian marriage meets. Looking for adventure but not love she hadn't planned on meeting her best friend's brother, Jack An Flena in a dusk-filled forest clearing. Even worse his unexpected kiss leaves her senses reeling and makes her wonder if Jack could be her match. An ex-member of Earthforce's most infamous fighting unit, the Dark Angels, Jack An Flena has sought redemption from his misdeeds by rescuing slaves from his former shipmates. Even so he can't believe he could make a woman like Ana fall in love with him or keep her love should the truth ever come out. His Traveler's luck could never be that good. Rating: Sensual/Spicy.