Dream Girl

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc./Champagne Rose | Date published: 03/02/2009


Zach Montgomery has met his dream girl. Ashlyn plays pool, she's smart and gorgeous, she even drinks beer--she's the girl of his dreams. Until she disappears just when things are heating up between them. Ashlyn Farrell works part time as a sex decoy for her father's investigation company. When she meets Zach she's on a job, hired by his wife to see if he'll cheat on her. For the first time in Ashlyn's life, she's wildly attracted to a mark. But the sexy, charming brewmaster is a lying, cheating snake--he even gives her a fake name. When Ashlyn and Zach end up working together, she discovers she's made a huge mistake. The attraction between them is growing into something more. But what will happen when he finds out how badly she's screwed up and how many people she's hurt?