One Wild Night

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Categories: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica/Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Cobblestone Press | Date published: 02/16/2009


Six months was too long to pine over a jerk like Richard. Ava would stop the madness tonight by meeting an eligible, sexy man at the party come hell or Halloween. She had the costume, the hair and the attitude. All she had to do was get there. The forces of nature and Goodyear must not have liked this plan. In a desolate nowhere amidst a torrential rainstorm, her tire blew out. This night like so many others was a bust...or was it? From the dark, wet distance, a six-foot tall solution wearing black leather and riding a kick-ass bike arrives. He can change a tire, and he doesn't mind the rain. He even likes her long as he can tear it off.