Working From Home: Avoiding The Four Most Dreaded Pitfalls

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Categories: Business
Publisher: Pine Mountain Institute/Pine Mountain Books | Date published: 12/01/2008


This eBook comes from Working From Home, a book honored to be part of the New York Review of Books' Readers Catalog of the 40,000 best books in print, which says, "On the subject of home-based business, this gets as close as possible to everything you need to know, from office layout to maintaining personal relationships. A must for anyone considering working out of the home." It includes updated material. In Chapter 1, you'll learn about how to avoid loneliness when working from home. In Chapter 2, "Staying Out of the Refrigerator and Away from Other Temptations," you'll find six steps to avoid overindulging while working, how to break old habits and create new ones, and ending addictions and compulsions. In Chapter 3, "Staying in Love and Saving Your Relationship," provides tips for how to get off to the right start, adjusting to three inevitable changes in the household, and what to do if relationships become tense, as well as a Communication Handbook. In Chapter 4, "What to Do About Children," explores a variety of child-care options, guidelines for selecting a day-care center or family day-care home, age-appropriate ways for introducing the idea of working at home to your children and for setting expectations, as well as how to make sure you don't expose your kids to financial and other stresses related to the adult workaday world. In Chapter 5, "Getting Help When You Need It, explores Six Sources for Getting the Help You Need and How to Make the Most of the Help You Get. In a bonus chapter, Chapter 6, "Moving On: What to Do When Your Business Outgrows Your Home," you'll learn how to recognized it's time to move your office out of the home along with 12 ways to grow your career without losing the benefits of working from home.