Working From Home: Managing Your Time, Money & and Stuff

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Categories: Business
Publisher: Pine Mountain Institute/Pine Mountain Books | Date published: 12/01/2008


This eBook comes from Working From Home, a book honored to be part of the New York Review of Books' Readers Catalog of the 40,000 best books in print, which says, "On the subject of home-based business, this gets as close as possible to everything you need to know, from office layout to maintaining personal relationships. A must for anyone considering working out of the home." It includes updated material. In Chapter 1, "Getting Organized and Staying That Way," you'll learn about Becoming a Self-Organizer using Seven Principles for Designing a System That Will Work for You. In Chapter 2, " Managing Time: Working on Purpose, you'll discover: * Five ways to set up a successful work schedule * How to use rituals to get started * A surefire daily planning process * Magic time-savers * How to take charge of interruptions and distractions, and prevent procrastination, as well as solutions for workaholics In Chapter 3,"Managing Money: Financing and Cash-Flow Management, " you'll discover: * The four musts of good home-office money management * Easy-to-use record-keeping systems * How to collect the money you are owed * Four ways to get paid with credit cards * How to protect yourself from income fluctuations * When to get help. In Chapter 4, "Managing Information and Other Stuff: Getting Rid of Clutter," you'll find: * Five steps to having the information you need at your fingertips * A daily routine for handling mail * Criteria for knowing what to keep and what to throw away. In Chapter 5, "Cleaning Up: Sixty-Second Housecleaning," you'll find out how to avoid the housekeeping crisis using seven steps for keeping your home clean without spending a lot of your time,