The Practical Dreamer's Handbook

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Categories: Self Improvement
Publisher: Pine Mountain Institute/Pine Mountain Books | Date published: 12/01/2008


In three step-by-step sections, this guidebook offers practical ways to escape limiting beliefs, move from Desire to Action to Satisfaction, and marshal your resources to begin the lifestyle and career you have always wanted. You will discover how to: Walk the path between practicality and your dreams of new possibilities * Create a new reality for your life * Appreciate the process of change and transformation * Enjoy yourself every step of the way. This book is for both those who have dreams they can't seem to find ways to pursue and those who can't seem to discover what dreams they'd like to pursue. It rejects both the traditional notion of waiting for a retirement that may never come to live your dreams and the popular model of being a slave to rigid goals and mind-numbing minute-by-minute planning that ends up bogging us down. Instead it provides a blueprint for combining creative imagination with practicality. Instead of advising the traditional notion of working for decades so that you can retire and then do what you want, or an inflexible model of setting goals and engaging in minute-by-minute planning, Practical Dreamers Handbook provides a blueprint for combining imagination with practicality.