Bug-Stompers of the 21st Century

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks | Date published: 01/12/2009


A horrifying glimpse into the not-too-distant future! Spawned by the effects of Global Warming, those annoying household pests of old have been replaced by an infinitely more vicious species of hybrid insect and froth-spewing rodent?mutated bug and rat swarms which actually seek out and hunger for human flesh! Thus, the 21st Century exterminator was born?equipped with a 'can-kill' attitude, state-of-the art equipment and bug-melting pesticides, these modern-day pest assassins risk both life and limb while facing down the likes of Jamaican Cannibal Roaches, Skin-bore Ants, porcupine mantises and the ever-dreaded, ultra-poisonous Dual-Fanged Daddy Long-Legs! Read in spine-tingling anticipation as six of the planet's most noted pest control specialists face down the newest and greatest threat of all! Find out which of these stalwart adventurers will survive and who will merely join the mutilated ranks of the mutant-bug buffet! So don't bother checking your personal space for creepy, crawly, multi-legged intruders?just leave those brittle nerves behind and give a shout out for the brave men and women who so proudly profess to be the 'BUG STOMPERS OF THE 21St CENTURY!'