Torrid Teasers Volume 51

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press | Date published: 10/01/2008


"Darke Sojourn:" A journey into darkness awaits Olympic runner Claudia Darke. Training in the ancient forests of France she literally trips over Arnaud, a vampire elder. In an instant she is taken on a roller coaster of sensuality where she discovers what love really means. Arnaud has been tracked down by hunters and left for dead. When Claudia saves his life by giving him her most precious gift; her blood, he takes her to his lair to hide. There he introduces Claudia to a type of love more intense than she could have possibly imagined. The hunters return and the two must flee, but will this strange love protect Claudia or lead her to her doom? "Darke Reunion:" After the bloody meeting between Claudia and detective Killian ("Darke Secrets," Torrid Teaser Volume 37) Claudia disappears. Michael Darke blames the beautiful detective for his sister's estrangement and their passionate relationship ends. Michael makes a poignant invitation for Claudia to come to him but he has other plans besides a brother sister reunion. He wants to put Claudia out of her misery, and then means to join her in death. Killian must do everything she can to keep the man she loves alive--at least for awhile. But to do so she must risk oblivion herself, for Arnaud's black shadow has descended upon them all. Publisher's Note: "Darke Sojourn" is a prequel to "Darke Secrets" (Torrid Teaser Volume 37)