All the Queen's Men and Other Tales

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Categories: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
Publisher: Torquere Press/BBA | Date published: 10/01/2008


All the Queen's Men and Other Tales is a collection of four sizzling menage stories that range from eternal night to the depths of the sea. In Coming Home in the Night, Elizabeta has returned to give her old master, Yves, a proper send off. She never expected to see her old lovers, Dug and Tosco, too. Can the three of them rekindle their relationship? In Triad, magicians Went and Artur live high in a mountain keep. Beautiful thief Lissa gets more than she bargains for when she invades their home. Will they convince her to stay? Out of the Sea gives us fisherman Grodin and Bardt, his young apprentice and lover. After an accident Bardt believes he can hear a mermaid calling to him, but Grodin can't believe the geri, is anything but a monster. Will he be able to admit he was wrong? Finally, in All the Queen's Men, Trini is the heir to the throne of the Zati. When her mother arranges a marriage for her, Trini is furious. And defiant. It's up to Aide, Trini's faithful companion, to walk the line between loyalty to his beloved Mistress and helping her accept her betrothed. Indulge in a little magic with All the Queen's Men!