The Alien Aphrodisiac and Other Weird Sex Tales

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Categories: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions | Date published: 10/20/2008


Femdom, maledom, and the often kinky twists found in dum dum dee dum are among the secrets revealed in M. J. Rennie's latest story collection, Weird Sex Tales. Set in a variety of alternate universes, this all-new array of erotic yarns switches from normal to paranormal in the blink of an alien eye. Included in Rennie's array of peculiar parables are the following: An older woman's previously suppressed dominant nature emerges when she is drawn into an intimate relationship with her former son-in-law. Does wealth consist of material things alone, or does a great love life rate higher? A hotly passionate pair considers. A couple's intimate video session at the site of a old shipwreck sparks an internet Sex-Tube sensation. An exhibition of feminine dominant art spurs a woman and her best friend to try things on their husbands they've never tried before. A man with fantastically powerful alien amulet takes a break from amour with his beloved to fend off cannibals from outer space. Can a threesome be a permanent arrangement? A casual encounter evolves into something more long-lasting for a special trio. Two football fanatics fall in love at a rain-soaked game, and enjoy wildly inventive sex afterwards. Touchdown! A young punk rocker has groupies galore, but falls for a sophisticated woman who looks down on his music--and him. At once bemused, lewd, enchanting, charming, sensual, sultry, and strange, M. J. Rennie's eye for vivid detail and eminently elegant style are on full display in this wonderfully wicked collection. Cover: T. L. Mars