Lord of the Hunt

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Publisher: Whispers Publishing | Date published: 10/10/2008


The Hunt race is a non-human species that move between their world and the earth effortlessly. Generations of Hunt have found their mates from earth females as they only have male offspring. When a Hunt finds his mate, he must claim her within two red moon cycles. A Hunt without his mate faces death and madness. Unique to the Hunt is the curse--a mating ceremony that is described as 'hell on earth' as the mate experiences agony at the first mating. Only after this is she claimed by her Hunt lord a week later, forever ensuring the procreation of the species. Leon, as the Lord of the Hunt, has found Dana who will be his mate. Having witnessed what the Hunt mating had meant to his sister-in-law, he wishes no pain for his mate. To ensure the future of his race, he is passionate and ruthless in wooing his mate. Keeping her on the edge of torment, he plays her body with the skill that leaves her overwhelmed. Their meetings are fraught with high emotion and a sensual interplay with Leon very clearly the master. His sexual advances test Dana to the limit, but she succumbs to her attraction for him despite her virginal fears and wishes to be his mate. Will she ever be ready for the claiming that is marked by the curse? Will her body cope with Leon's relentless, dark passion and his claiming? The Lord of the Hunt will brook no refusal. Only the claiming night will show whether Dana survives the curse of the Hunt mates.