The Transformation of Mandy

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Mystery/Crime
Publisher: eXtasy eBooks | Date published: 07/01/2008


Mandy Ito is a sexy, fun-loving part time law student, part time tennis instructor, part time prostitute, and part time homeless advocate. Mandy, by her own admission, loves too frequently and falls in love too often. No one would ever want to hurt her, but people close to her are being murdered, and she may be next on the list. Desperate for answers, she turns to a handsome stranger with a grisly past, terrifying secrets, and an agenda of his own that will put Mandy in mortal danger. To survive, Mandy must be transformed from the fun-loving young woman she is to a stone cold killer, and, along the way, she will experience sexual adventures beyond her wildest imagination. In the end, Mandy will find out what she needs to know, but at what cost, and will her trust in the stranger be her undoing?