Aussie Heiress

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Publisher: Newsite Web Services Publishing | Date published: 09/24/2006


When Alex Holroyd's mother died, she was left without any near family. Her sheltered life was over and she needed to get away from small towns and sad memories. Her harsh, old-school grandmother claimed they were rightful heirs to an English estate and now it was time to see if that was true. Colin Redesdale also needed to escape. Australia was the other side of the world; and that's how far he'd need to go to be sure of keeping his freedom. On the journey from Australia's heartland to England's green landscapes, Alex and Colin slowly leave their scarred pasts behind and begin new lives. Colin learns that sometimes being firm with the one you love is as important as loving them. Alex finds she prefers a disciplined life to the one she thought she'd chosen for herself. A spanking romance for ages 18 and over.