Sweet Suffering [The Monica Chronicles 4]

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Categories: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions | Date published: 06/23/2008


FRESH TORMENTS IN THE MODERN CLASSIC OF B&D! As employee, builder, and handyman for Monica Armstrong, Mistress of the Bilboes B&D establishment, Steven Reynolds has had about as much as he can take of Monica's high-handed attitude and her readiness to make her staff experience the strict bondage normally reserved for clients. The time has come for a reckoning, and Steven's elaborate plan to capture and confine Monica comes to a head. A minor detail is that in the process he must also imprison the entire female staff of Bilboes, immobilizing them on his greatest creation yet--a massive, multi-purpose Rack. Stringently bound to the medieval device, the girls will find release only after a long and draining period of torment, while Monica--encased and chained in a tight latex suit--will find release only when Steven is good and ready. What Steven has not comprehended, however, is the scale and deviousness of Monica's revenge when she finally gets free and comes after him. Steven's depth of experience in the world of fetish has barely begun...