Souls on Fire: The Chronicles of The Grey Monk

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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Wild Cat Books/Wild Cat Books | Date published: 05/26/2008


SOULS ON FIRE: THE CHRONICLES OF THE GREY MONK... "Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord... and I am His Agent!"... A grim, hooded figure armed with blazing .45's stalks the streets meting out Justice to whatever Evil he encounters, from Drug Dealing Hoodlums to Thuggees of the Cult of Kali... THE GREY MONK is John L. French's most intriguing Hero in the tradition of The Shadow & The Spider! This volume collects all the previously published tales, as well as some that have never been released before today! If you love Pulp Fiction, you can't go wrong with this exciting, non-stop thrilling book! You won't be able to put this one down! Cover Art by Ver Curtiss.