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Categories: Romance/Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Amber Quill Press | Date published: 01/01/2007


Andrea Sullivan receives a French Tarot card in the mail with a cryptic message that sends her hurrying from her home in Michigan to Gatineau Park in Canadas's Quebec Province. She expects to meet her best friend there, but instead finds Yvonne, her friend's ten-year-old daughter who tells her both parents are dead and begs for help. Though Andrea would do anything to help Yvonne, she doesn't expect to encounter Fletcher Doyle, an ex-cop searching for the girl in the park, nor to see a greenish hallucination the girl claims is the frightful dragon, Le Drac. A further encounter with the very wealthy Conway Corriveau, who insists he's Yvonne's legal guardian, winds up with Andrea accompanying Yvonne as her companion, along with Conway, to his second home in Michigan's Upper Peninsula wilderness. Strange things happen, but practical Andrea does not believe Conway is, as Yvonne insists, Le Drac. Aid comes from Fletcher, who's followed them there and is staying with his friend at an Anishinabe reservation nearby. Strange becomes bizarre, until Andrea is convinced, too late, that Yvonne was right. Now in Conway's power, she must watch in horror as he tries to take over the child. Fletcher, with the aid of his friend and an Anishnabe medicine man, tries to rescue the two, but in the end only Fletcher can free Andrea so that their combined efforts can save Yvonne from a horrible fate. Genres: Paranormal / Fantasy