Weird Western Tales

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Categories: Horror/Science Fiction
Publisher: Wild Cat Books/Wild Cat Books | Date published: 03/28/2008


The Western story has been around practically as long as the Wild West itself. Dime Novels made living legends out of men like Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickok, and many other such men. Needless to say these stories were often exaggerated so much as to become tall tales, but so popular were the stories that often truth and fiction became so intertwined that many are not sure to this day what is fact and what is fiction. The Western heroes were popular in the great Pulp magazines, Old-Time Radio Shows, the earliest Television programs, and Movies, too. The gallant Cowboy of the untamed West was a very American take on the classic heroic figure of the Knight Errant. Galloping across the plains smiting evil wherever it was found and rescuing damsels in distress, these "Knights" used six guns as their swords and tin stars as their armor, but were no less noble. Many were even masked mystery men, combining elements of the Pulps and Super Heroes. Characters such as the Lone Ranger are perfect and popular examples of this. When the Western craze hit the medium of Comic Books it was inevitable that a bit of the fantastic would enter the mythos as well. The Two-Gun Kid fought walking totem poles, Jonah Hex gunned down all kinds of bizarre and supernatural threats, Scalp Hunter too, had his share of foes that could best be described as "super villains." Back in the movies, you suddenly had Billy the Kid fighting Dracula and Cowboys wrangling Dinosaurs in lost valleys. Who could forget the classic TV show, "Wild Wild West" that combined super spy action with the genre? The Wild West got a LOT wilder, and downright? weird. In that same vein we have assembled here, a group of original characters who live in a world where the Old West is touched with elements of Horror and Science Fiction. A world where men come back from the dead, gunslingers travel through time, vampires threaten rancher's daughters, and outlaws fight desperados with kung fu instead of a gun. We've even resurrected a classic Western pulp hero, the Masked Rider, and made his world much darker than it was before. We've assembled a top notch batch of writers to bring you these fun, two-fisted tales. Each one takes the reigns of the horse and gallops their hero into the unknown with humor, action, terror, and more than a touch of the bizarre. The Knights of Europe fought dragons and monsters, it seems only appropriate that our American Knights of the Plains follow suit! So now the only thing left to do is dive right in! Saddle up your atomic steed, strap on your six guns and grab your holy water, the West just got a whole lot WEIRDER!

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