Yellow Fever

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Categories: Suspense/Thriller/Mystery/Crime
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks | Date published: 03/06/2008


Amid the sweltering summer heat of nineteen eighties South Korea, a trio of bar girls are found brutally murdered mere miles from the main gate of Sunyon Air Force Base, their mutilated bodies discovered near a red-light district known as the 'The Ville', infamous for the inebriate behavior of the American soldiers who frequent its many watering holes and back-alley pleasure palaces. Meanwhile, plying her ultra-specialized trade halfway around the world is Lei Park, a Korean-born, self-trained 'killer of serial killers' who possesses the power to 'read evil' within the very eyes of those she stalks and subsequently eliminates. Captured by a secretive agency that had monitored her self-proclaimed 'eradication of evil' spree through several U.S States, Lei is transported to her home country and placed undercover as an exotic dancer at one of The Ville's most popular clubs in hopes that she might ID the culprit, media-dubbed The Ville Ripper. As political pressure builds from two governments desperate for closure, Lei finds herself lost in a nightmarish realm of inhuman misery; a sinful netherworld that thrives on lust, hopelessness and despair, all the while unable to effectively track a maniacal killer who just might be much closer than she'd ever expect?