Invasion from Uranus

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Categories: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks | Date published: 02/21/2008


They Wanted To Terraform ... The Earth? Once more, Nick Pollotta has unleashed a bakers dozen of his comedy short stories, this collection ranging from Science Fiction to Mystery, and each tale crowned with his hallmark twist endings. * After an exhausted wizard grants a young king a special favor, the history of the world is changed forever because of a snappy Broadway musical. * Battling the ultimate evil, the only hope for a desperate British lawman is a new, and innovative, use of condiments. * Ever wonder what would happen if Sherlock Holmes discovered that his best friend was a murderer? So did Watson, but not anymore. * When nuclear war turns Earth into a savage paradise, a boy and his pet robot learn the ultimate rule for survival: keep your damn mouth shut. * There is an excellent reason that rap stars always wear a crucifix and carry so many guns. The answer is simple... fangbangers. So turn down the lights, lock the doors, butter the cat, and prepare for the unexpected!