Spies, Lies & Naked Thighs

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Categories: Erotica
Publisher: Harlequin/Spice | Date published: 03/01/2008


Breezy Malone has left her cautious archaeologist's life behind, only to be poured into a leather corset and demand that bad guys ask--no, beg--for mercy in her new gig as a covert agent for the FBI. A covert sex agent, to be exact. Not that she's given much choice. The FBI is dangling the ultimate carrot--if she can use her seduction skills to trace an ancient, stolen artifact, it'll lead her to Sharif, the terrorist who framed her for a murder that landed her in a Middle East prison. Now she's prepared to break any rule to make sure Sharif pays. But a mysterious and alluring agent called One-Eyed Jack is on her tail, and Breezy's not sure if he's friend, foe or something even more dangerous ... a sensual distraction aimed at throwing her off her guard. She'll show him who's in control....