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Categories: Horror/Mystery/Crime
Publisher: E-Reads | Date published: 01/01/1992


The man is a hulk of angry, flabby, flesh, housing a genius intelligence that is ever inventing new and twisted ways to inflict pain on others. Torturing and killing innumerable victims with impunity, he still wasn't clever enough to keep himself out of prison forever. They drugged him, beat and muzzled him, then restrained him within the tight walls of a maximum-security solitary confinement cell. All that meant for Bunkowski is time to seethe in his own vile juices, planning revenge, until the day when he fights his way out. When that happens, the most terrifying, brutal and inhuman serial killer, Daniel "Chaingang" Bunkowski will once again be on the loose. Daniel "Chaingang" Bunkowski is the ultimate serial killer-quick, silent � and terrifying!