The Pirooters

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Categories: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Treble Heart Books | Date published: 01/26/2008


"I leave it up to you to decide whether I told the truth or the biggest windy you ever heard in your life." San Antonio, Texas, 1916. Jim Ed's hot temper keeps him in constant trouble with his father, Leo Pargrew, a wealthy lawyer. After a long absence, the Pargrews are visited by Leo's father, Virge, an old cowman, come to reconcile Leo with his family. While staying with Leo, Virge tells Jim Ed a yarn of hair-raising exploits with his wild granduncle Heck in search of Jim Bowie's legendary silver mine down in old Mexico in 1865 with Comanches, bandidos, and French Foreign Legionnaires all in hot pursuit. Enthralled by the tale, Jim Ed doesn't know whether to believe it, but one summer at Virge's ranch, he learns the real secret of the lost treasure of Santa Perdida. The Pirooters is a rootin'-tootin', wild'n'wooly Western novel full of action, humor, and authentic period detail and dialog, one that will readily appeal to Western and pioneer fiction's many and devoted fans. It is an unforgettable adventure yarn as well as a tribute to Western movies, the Southwest in general, and the great state of Texas in particular.

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