Dark Tides

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing | Date published: 03/01/2007


Awakening naked on the beach, Caleb Hunter knows his name, knows that someone tried to kill him, and yet nothing about his life before, not who he was, or what he was, or how he came to be where he was. And almost most disturbing of all, he has no idea why the desire he feels for Meg seems so new and yet so familiar. As handsome and desirable as the dark stranger is that she finds on the beach near her home, Meg still doesn't understand why she's not only not afraid of him, but drawn to him, trusts him enough to bring him into her home, to give herself to him when it's so contrary to her nature. Loneliness, pure and simple? The need to comfort and draw comfort? Or is it something else? Something dark and infinitely dangerous that draws the two of them together? Rating: Sensual/Spicy