Torrid Teasers Volume 35

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Categories: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press | Date published: 09/01/2007


"Treasure:" Katie O'Brien came to the Bluebird Inn hoping for a long, relaxing vacation. But when a pirate named Jack shows up in her room, seduces her, then confesses that he's a ghost, her plans change drastically. Jack has spent four hundred years feeling guilty for the deceitful actions that resulted in the death of his true love, but he never thought he'd really be able to end his curse by finding true love again. But when Katie walks into the Inn, looking as though she just stepped down from the portrait of his lost love, he starts to hope again. Their sexual chemistry is undeniable, and Jack hopes he can convince Katie to give them both the chance to find something even greater--the true love that could save them both. "Black Angel:" Isobel Carter finds herself in an unlikely position, captive upon a Spanish galleon and bed wench to a pirate. Alejandro Garcia Ramirez, son of a Spanish nobleman captured the lovely Isobel. He's shown her incredible pleasure, but desires her complete submission, only then can she be his entirely. Can she resist the will of the Black Angel or will she be consumed?