The One Year Daily Grind

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Categories: Spiritual/Religion/General Nonfiction
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers | Date published: 10/01/2007


The One Year Daily Grind will encourage readers to make devotional time a daily part of their life. If they can make time to go to their favorite coffee house for a latte, they've got the time to connect with God in a challenging but encouraging way that will build their relationship with him. Sometimes the only thing that props you up in the morning is a shot of caffeine, the daily grind. You'd move heaven and earth to get your hands on it. So what would happen if you treated your devotional time with God that way? In a conversational, blog-style ramble, Sarah Arthur invites you on a journey from the coffeehouse to true community. Tracing a year of transition in her own life, she explores both the subtle and the startling ways God transforms us through daily spiritual routines like prayer and living simply. Part personal story and part spiritual search, The One Year Daily Grind will fill your cup with plenty of brew for thought.

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