Amusement Park Sabotage

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Categories: Young Adult
Publisher: DiskUs Publishing | Date published: 09/10/2007


Twelve-year-old cousins, Peg and Korky can't think of anything better than to spend their summer at the Wellborn Amusement Park in their hometown of Redmond. Nearly every day they ride the rides and enjoy the company of their newfound friend, Mo who works at the ticket booth. Then unusual things begin to happen at the park. The twelve-year-old cousins notice Carl, the operator of the Spin Around. He always seems nervous and Peg is suspicious of him--even more so when the Spin Around is closed one day with no explanation. Then the gun at the Shoot A Duck can't quit firing. Problems continue to plague the amusement park. What is going on? Peg and Korky are determined to find out, and someone is trying very hard to stop them.