A Sistah For Mark

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing | Date published: 08/09/2007


Ever have a bad day? Marika is having one for sure! Marika is tired of her boss taking her for granted. When she gets passed over for a position on the Prime Minister's Security detail, she is furious. To make matters worse, she just gets told that she will be playing little miss native tour guide to some big shot businessman from Canada. Mark Hudson is in need of a vacation so he picks the small island of Jamaica. His company is in talks with the Back Fusion Security Company in Jamaica so he asks for a guide. He never expects Marika. As soon as he sees her he knew there was something there, something that heats him up from the inside out. Can Mark handle a sistah? Or is she too much for him to take? Will she be his Caribbean Rose or just a flower who fades away into the passage of time?